Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2-10-15 Homework Continued

Both classes have a reflection to complete for our novel studies that we just completed. To access the discussion, students will go to their E-class page.  They will need to find Ms. Tone's page (2015S2 Tone.H Fourth Grade Core - please note that if the S1 course appears instead of the S2, students can search Tone to find my S2 page).  Once on my page, they will go to the Discussions Tab and answer the question that is connected to their reading class.  They will click the link and start a new thread to respond. This assignment is due on Thursday.  Any student who does not have access to a computer or internet at home may complete during morning work after they have finished their regular morning work assignment.
Ms. Wagner's Reading Class - Read pages 427-432 in textbook and complete workbook pages 103-104.  This is due by Thursday.

Social Studies Group:  American Revolution Vocab Test on Wednesday, Feb. 18th; American Revolution Test on Thursday, Feb. 19th.  Students received a completed study guide in class today.  A copy of the study guide can also be found in the Study Guide tab above

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