Friday, October 3, 2014

Newsletter 10-3-14

Ms. Howell’s 4th Grade Class
October 3, 2014
Dear Parents,

Next week will be a busy a week as we complete our first nine weeks of the school year. There are several classroom tests for end of units, as well as the county Interim Assessments to complete. Students will take the Interim Benchmark tests Monday (Reading) and Tuesday (Math). It is hard to believe that the first 9 weeks of school ends next week! The students have worked so hard these first few months of school and I am so proud of them. Our expectations and curriculum is very rigorous in 4th grade. This group of students has stepped up to the plate and put forth an incredible amount of effort!

Below are just a few reminders/notes that you will find in the Friday folder:
  • Students will receive a new journal calendar on Monday for the month of October
  • A Fundraiser update on how much money we have raised so far. Continue sending in those donations until next Tuesday, October 7th. All proceeds will go to help add swings to our playground and provide for in-house field trips for the students.
  • Continue to be working on the October fitness calendar from last week’s Friday folder.
  • Your child’s Burnette Elementary School ID Card.
  • Study guides for both Science and Social Studies tests can be found on Ms. Howell’s blog:

Electronic Devices for Reading
Beginning next week, if you have completed one of the electronic device releases for your child, your student may bring in devices that have books downloaded to use during independent reading time.  Please be sure that the books are already downloaded onto the tablet device.  If you are unsure if you have completed the release form, or you need a new release form to complete, please let me know. 

School Wide Information   
Friday, October 3rd: Label Ladies; PTA Dance at Peachtree Ridge High School @ 6:30
September 29-October 3rd: PTA Fundraiser Week (see note in Friday folder)
Monday, October 13th: Columbus Day Student Holiday
Thursday, October 16th: Chick-fil-A Spirit Night
Friday, October 17th: Report Cards

Next Week at a Glance
Reading – Reading Interim on Monday; Greek Mythology and Short Answer Strategies
Writing – Completing Our Narrative Writing
Grammar Simple/Compound Sentences (Test on Wednesday)
Word Study –spectator, speculate, spectacles, respect, inspect, specimen, expect, suspect, aspect, spectrum Fry Words: city, color, common, compare, compound
Social Studies-
Science – Weather M/W Class Test: Wednesday, October 8th T/T Class Test: Thursday, October 9th
Math    9:00 Class Multiplication (2 digit by 1 digit; 3 digit by 1 digit; 4 digit by 1 digit; 2 digit by 2 digit using equations, arrays, and area models)
10:30 Class Multiplication (factors, multiples, prime, composite, divisibility rules)
*Both Classes will have a Unit Review Test on Monday that will cover Place value and Addition/Subtraction

Specials Rotation:    
Monday – Music
Tuesday – Technology
Wednesday –PE
Thursday – PE
Friday – Art

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