Friday, October 24, 2014

Newsletter 10-24-14

Ms. Howell’s 4th Grade Class 
October 24, 2014
Dear Parents,

Below are just a few reminders/notes that you will find in the Friday folder:
  • In last week’s Friday folder there was a Ziploc bag for Quarters for a Cause.  Help support Burnette’s United Way student campaign by filling the bag with as many quarters as you can…even 1 quarter helps the cause.  Ziploc bags should be returned by Friday, October 31st
  • Lost and Found:  Our student lost and found cart overfloweth with coats and jackets.  As the weather begins to get cooler, students will be wearing more outerwear.  Please be sure your child’s first and last name is written inside coats and jackets (as well as on lunchboxes, waterbottles, etc) in case items are lost.  If your child is missing an item, please stop by the lost and found to check for it.  Any items remaining at the end of each month will be donated to charity.
  • Continue to work on completing the October fitness calendar

School Wide Information 
October 27-31 – Red Ribbon Week
Friday, October 31 – All Pro Dad’s Breakfast; Movie Day Reward
Monday, November 3-Skate Country Spirit Night
Tuesday, November 4-Election Day Holiday

Next Week at a Glance
Reading –Summarizing
Writing/Grammar – Opinion Writing; Dialogue
Word Study    tractor, contract, retract, attract, subtract, extract, detract, distraction, attractive, retrace, crops, decimal, developed, discovered, dollars
Social Studies- Colonization Test Wednesday, October 29th; Begin Road to the Revolution
Science – Solar System Test Wednesday, October 29th; Then we will begin Earth, Moon, and Sun
9:00 Group Division (With up to four-digit dividends and one-digit divisors; illustrate and explain using equations, rectangular arrays, and area models)
12:45 Group Multiplication (2 digit by 1 digit; 3 digit by 1 digit; 4 digit by 1 digit; 2 digit by 2 digit using equations, arrays, and area models)

Specials Rotation:    
Monday- Art
Tuesday – Music
Wednesday –Technology
Thursday – PE

Friday – PE

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