Friday, November 14, 2014

Newsletter November 14th

Ms. Howell’s 4th Grade Class 
November 14, 2014
Dear Parents,

Below are just a few reminders/notes that you will find in the Friday folder:
  • Keep working on the Media Center November bookmark. It is due next Friday, November 21st.
  • Midterm progress reports are in your child’s Friday Folder today. Please sign and return them back on Monday. If you have any questions regarding your child’s grades, please send me an email.

School Wide Information 
Thursday, November 20- Holiday Feast (If you need a form, you can obtain one from the Burnette website)
November 24-28 – Thanksgiving Holiday

Next Week at a Glance

Reading – Non-fiction Text Structures; Reading to Learn Strategies; Novel Studies
Writing/Grammar Adjectives; Journals are due Friday, November 21st
Word Study  internet, international, interfere, interfaith, intermural, interlude, intercept, intermediate, interchange, interweave, every, everything, example, exciting, except
Social Studies- Jamestown and Plymouth; Colonies Vocabulary Test on Thursday, November 20th
Science –Stars, Constellations, Inner and Outer Planets; Vocabulary Test Friday, November 21st
9:00 Group Algebra (generating a number or shape pattern that follows a rule) Algebra Test Friday, November 21st
12:45 Group Division (With up to four-digit dividends and one-digit divisors; illustrate and explain using equations, rectangular arrays, and area models)

Specials Rotation:    
Wednesday -Music
Thursday – Counseling

Friday – PE

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