Monday, November 3, 2014


Read 30 minutes
November bookmark due Friday, November 21st
Writing Group 1:
Complete first reason paragraph for opinion paper. Topic: Did European Exploration have a positive impact?
Writing Group 2: 
Complete writing plan and first reason paragraph Topic: Did European Exploration have a positive impact?

Word Study:
4 Word Study Activities Due Friday

Class 1 (9:00-10:30)
Finish Partial Quotient sheet #5-8
Division Test Tuesday, 11/11

Class 2 (12:45-2:15)
Workbook pages 239-240 #1-14 *Draw Models for #1-3

Social Studies: 
Study Road to the Revolution Vocabulary Test Tuesday, November 11th
Read pages 302-308 and complete workbook page 73

Finish workbook pages 34-38 
Workbook pages 39-45 due
Earth, Moon, and Sun Test Friday 11/7

Enjoy your Election Day/Holiday! See you on Wednesday!

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