Friday, March 27, 2015


Ms. Howell’s 4th Grade Class 
March 27, 2015
Dear Parents,

Please make sure that your child has the supplies that they need for school. Such as pencils, red pens, glue sticks, and scissors. I am completely out of my personal supply of these materials and I will not be able to make another purchase this school year. Please talk with your child and see what supplies they need, so they can be prepared for the remainder of the school year. Thank you to all of you who have sent in extra supplies for our classroom! I greatly appreciate it!

Please ensure that your child is taking GMAS practice tests online weekly, or even nightly. All tests are due by Friday, April 17th. They are a great preparation for the GMAS we have coming up at the end of April. They model the GMAS and it is important that your child feels confident with the format of the test. It will reduce any anxiety they have before the real thing! If you have any questions please let me know.

GMAS Information:
One of the things I shared at conferences this week was about the new Georgia Milestones Assessment (GMAS).
Below are some links of information that will give you some additional information. 
·      Want more general information about the upcoming Georgia Milestones Assessment? Take a look at the PTA Guide.
·      Would you like to see a sample of the online Georgia Milestones Assessment? Click through this elementary online test sample.
·      Want detailed information about the upcoming Georgia Milestones Assessment? The Department of Education published this assessment guide specific for each grade level tested.
·      Parents: This is last year's Georgia Department of Education practice test. This is the only practice test available date formats as seen in the assessment guides.  There are about  4 practice tests for each subject for grades 3-5. There are about 8-12 questions on each practice test.

Below are just a few reminders/notes for the week:
·        The Media Center March book mark is due on Friday, April 3rd
·        Don’t forget to be completing practice tests on the OAS website.  If students turn in forms by April 17th, they will receive a special treat from me. 
·        International and Fine Arts Night is next Thursday, April 2nd
·        In last week’s Friday Folder there was information on Spring Pictures next  Wednesday, April 1st
·        In last week’s Friday Folder there was information on  field day t-shirts due by Friday, April 17th
·        Omega Learning, one of our business partners, is hosting a reading contest at our school. The top reader at our school will win a Kindle Fire, and the next four readers will be placed in a drawing for a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble. All you have to do is read and log your minutes. The form is available on our school website. All entries are due by Friday, April 17. We cannot take late entries, so be sure you turn it in on time! Good luck, and keep on reading!
·        Publix Mother’s Day Cake order forms are in this week’s Friday folders.  All forms are due on Friday, April 17th. 

School Wide Information 

  • Wednesday, April 1st- Spring Pictures
·        April 2nd International and Fine Arts Night
·        April 6th – 10th – Spring Break
·        April 20th – GMAS Testing begins

Next Week at a Glance

Reading – Constructed Response to Reading
Writing/Grammar – Pronouns – Test on Wednesday, April 1st.
Word Study – No Word Study until after GMAS
Social Studies Westward Expansion  
Mon/Tues Group: Unit Test on Tuesday, March 31st
Wed/Fri Group:  Unit Test on Thursday, April 2nd
Science –
Group Wed./Fri:  Animal Adaptations Test Wednesday, April 1st
Group Mon./Tue.: Ecosystems Test Tuesday, March 31st
9:00 Group Measurement  Unit Test Friday, April 3rd
12:45 Group Geometry Unit Test Friday, April 3rd

Specials Rotation:
Wednesday –Music
Thursday –Technology

Friday – PE

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